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About Us

   Tianjin Chunyuan Longrun Micro-Irrigation Technical Co., Ltd is integrated professional,science and technology manufacturer for water-saving drip irrigation products. founded in 1998.Is the domestic earlier engaged in micro-irrigation development and water-saving irrigation products production enterprises.The company has the first-class water-saving irrigation technology expert team and domestic advanced production equipment of micro-irrigation.Company has strong product technology research and development ability, has formed the development of the agriculture products development, production and sales, engineering design, drip line (with) the product installation engineering services and technology promotion as one of the one-stop service system.
   There are four production lines for inner flat emitter drip irrigation tape, three production lines for inner continuous drip irrigation tape with double strip lines,four production lines for PVC pipe and three production lines for PE pipe. Now our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Ukraine, Thailand, Russia, Algeria, Brazil, Egypt, etc.
   The company aims to meet customer demand, to provide users with all the water saving irrigation products. Now the company has annual production capacity of 350 million meters. In promoting the production capacity of 500000 mu of irrigated area, products through the national irrigation quality inspection, to achieve A kind of product. And passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, is a member of the national association of irrigation and drainage. The main products; Insert or patch in drip irrigation belt (tube), PE pipes, quick take a, micro spray irrigation equipment, filters, fertilizer application and etc.
Water saving irrigation engineering service of form a complete set of product has formed four system:
1, automatic irrigation control system.
2, irrigation, filtration system.
3, fertigation control system.
4, the pipe irrigation system.