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Inner Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe

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1.We imported  the advancing production technology from Israel. professional equipment, automatic flow process.
2.The drip tape with flat type in, dripper with wide passageway. It’s hard to jam, equal rate of flow.
3.The spacing of the dripper can be produced as customer’s request. Strong anti-aging capability. It can be used more than 8 years normally
Products size
Φ16x0.2x200    Φ16x0.3x100    Φ16x0.4x100    Φ16x0.6x100
Φ16x0.2x300    Φ16x0.3x200    Φ16x0.4x200    Φ16x0.6x200
Φ16x0.2x400    Φ16x0.3x300    Φ16x0.4x300    Φ16x0.6x300
Φ16x0.2x500    Φ16x0.3x400    Φ16x0.4x400    Φ16x0.6x400
Φ16x0.8x300    Φ16x0.3x500    Φ16x0.4x500    Φ16x0.6x500
The dripper spacing can be adjustment.
The flow rate can be 1L/H, 1.38L/H, 2.7L/H, 3L/H.
Operative Standard: GB/T 17187-2009
1.Our products widely apply to green house、fruit trees、field crops and so on.
2.Watering and fertilizing the crops in the same time. It can improve the use ratio of fertilizer.
3.This product particularly used in green house. It can reduce more than 20%-30% of air temperature and decrease the insect disaster. Increasing 2-3℃ of the earth temperature. Making the crops ripe 7-15days in advance.