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Inner Round Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe

Number of visits: Date:2016-04-12 17:23

Technical parameters:
Diameter(mm)     Wall Thickness(mm)     Dripper Spacing(mm)     Flow(L/H)     Working Pressure(Mpa)
    16                  0.6--1.2                 100---2000              1.2---4         0.06--0.4
Applicable Scope:   
Inner round drip irrigation pipe is widely applied to various drip irrigation projects such as greenhouse  crops, vegetables, flowers and plants, tea garden, fruit trees,  open field crops etc.
Product Introduction:
1) The inner round dripper made by high precision mold ,then extrusion with PE pipe.
2) The dripper is directly bonding on the inner of the pipe, low pressure loss, high precision irrigation
3) Strong block resistance, turbulent flow, high flow uniformity
4) It can be buried underground, reduces photolysis and ageing of drip irrigation pipe, and can be used  for many years after one-time laying
5) There are pressure compensating dripper and non pressure compensating dripper, it is applicable to different level fileds
6) We can produce the drip irrigation  pipe with different wall thickness and dripper spacing according to customers' demands
7) Easy installation and application, it is applicable to different field crops